Renovating a kitchen? Tips & Cautions

Thinking about renovating a kitchen?  Good for you — a smart move!  A terrific kitchen will add so much value to your home, and living there will take on a new flavor entirely.

Yet, be careful.  Kitchens are very unforgiving if you inadvertently make a mistake, since changes become permanent (or at least very long lasting)!  It is so easy to miscalculate, misjudge, or just simply, get carried away.

How about some ideas that’ll help you?

1.  What exactly do you plan to change in your room?  Make your list of corrections/improvements that you plan to accomplish.

Appliances?  Most of us need new ones if we’re considering changing our kitchens!  Look online for amazing products, with specs, photos, info, etc.

2.  Plan your investment amount up front.  Decide exactly what you can afford/should spend, and hold tight to it if at all possible.  If you have a “cushion” available, plan that amount, too.  Last, where will these funds come from?  Decide how much and your source – then, see what you can get for that amount. 

Check the Remodelling magazine’s current “Cost vs. Value Report” for actual project costs for various areas of the country.

3.  Doing it yourself?  That can work well — but assess your skills and talents, and take on only what you are certain that you can accomplish beautifully.  More power to you if you are talented!, but results that look “homemade” may not add the value you seek to your biggest investment.  List out what you CAN accomplish with your skill set, and plan to do those things.  You can get help with the rest, and will reap savings on your work.  Check out resources such as this ~ 

Collect your ideas through photos. . . . . .

Research products & their placement in the pages…

You can even get approximate pricing on products.

4.  Make an “A” list and a “B” list of choices (at different price levels) as you look at the materials you’ll use in your kitchen.  As you progress, you may need to “nip & tuck” the budget and can marry items from B into A, knowing you’ll have good looking products and an amazing resulting room.  Examples:

5.  If you are changing your kitchen’s arrangement/appliance locations, hire a professional to plan your new kitchen.  There are so many pitfalls to kitchen planning, that it will give you insurance for success by hiring a trained professional interior designer, most reliably an ASID Member. A CKD or CMKBD is a kitchen & bath specialist, too, yet normally don’t provide full interior design.  These experts will be your insurance polity. saving you untold mistakes, money and headaches.

When selecting, always interview first and call previous clients, as well as checking credit references.  You’ll be glad you did!   Some designers provide full plans without obligation to buy from them.

I’d love to hear from you!  Questions?  Ideas?  Please connect with me…..

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